About Humidi-Grow® by Beta Crafts, Inc.

A family run business

Humidi-Grow™ humidity trays were originally designed by Arthur Hasselbach, Sr. to help in his love of growing all things, especially his prized Orchids. His sons, Arthur Jr and Steve, made his trays a reality when they manufactured the first trays from their plastics company called CMI Plastics, Inc. The  Humidi-Grow™ brand was moved to the Beta Crafts, Inc. parent when CMI was moved to North Carolina. The  Humidi-Grow™ trays have been produced in Cranbury, NJ continually by the Hasselbach family since approximately 1987.  

The picture to the right or above is an actual picture of my grandfather's prized orchids used in some of the original promotional materials.

Beta Crafts'  Humidi-Grow™ trays have been helping growers for over 30 years. The  Humidi-Grow™ brand is a family product. The original HT-101 has grown to include 6 different products to meet a variety of uses and locations